Oh Boy Supreme Dishes

Seafood Special

S1 Keang Kiew Wan Pla Salmon
£ 10.50
  Nuggets of lean Salmon cooked in delicious green curry sauce  
S2 Panang Goong Chilli
£ 10.50
  Rich and tasty Panang curry cooked with ground peanuts, Black Tiger Prawns, enhanced with the aroma of lime leaves  
S3 Goong Pad Mamuang Himmaphan
£ 10.50
  Juicy Black Tiger prawns stir fried with cashew nuts, colourful capsicums with an added zing from fresh chilli  
S4 Choo Chee Talay
£ 10.50
  Grilled Butterfly king prawns and salmon fillet sautéed in a rich red curry and garnished with kaffir lime leaves  
S5 King Prawn and Scallop with Nam Prig Poaw
£ 10.50
  King Prawns and Scallop stir fried with bamboo shoot, garlic and roasted chilli sauce  
S6 Goong Yai Arb Nam Makham
£ 10.50
  Butterfly King Prawns grilled to perfection topped with a tangy sweet 'n' sour tasting sauce made from the Tamarind fruit  
S7 Hoy Scallop Chom Suan
£ 10.50
  Prepared Scallop sautéed with broccoli and tender baby corn in a tasty garlic sauce  

Vegetarian Special

V1 Keang Phed Tao Hoo Pak Ruam Leaf
£ 8.50
  Thai red curry cooked with tofu, and mixed vegetables in a delicate coconut sauce with Thai herbs and vegetables  
V2 Tao Hoo Himmaphan Leaf
£ 8.50
  Nutritious Tofu stir fried with cashew nuts, chilli and colourful vegetables  
V3 Tao Hoo Pad Khing Leaf
£ 8.50
  Golden Tofu stir fried with ginger, black mushrooms, spring onions and a hint of fresh chilli  
V4 Tao Hoo Sonng Kreang Nam Dang Leaf
£ 8.50
  Soft Bean Curd topped with crunchy vegetables in a sweet 'n' sour sauce  
V5 Pad Lan Tal Kab Hed Horm Leaf
£ 8.50
  Crunchy stir fried Mange Tout with Shiitake mushroom in Oh Boy garlic sauce  


R1 Kao Ka-Thi Leaf
£ 3.80
  Thai Jasmine rice delicately flavoured with coconut milk  

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Cuisine : Thai Authentic
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