To make your evening more enjoyable and at the same time allowing you to be introduce to Thai Cuisine, may we suggest...
Royal set meal

Prawn Satay
Marinated prawns on bamboo skewers -serve with peanut sauce and cucumber relish
Tung Thong
Minced pork, prawn, crab meat, wrapped in thin rice pastry, deep fried

Dressed crab claws
Lightly coated, deep fried crab claw, served with chilli sauce
Khanom Pang Na Kai
Spiced minced chicken on toast
Vegetable Tempura Leaf
Deep fried vegetable in light batter
Tom Kha Gai
The Thai's favourite chicken and coconut milk soup with mushrooms, flavoured with lemon-grass, kaffia lime leaves, chilli and lemon juice
Main Courses
Kaeng Kiew Wan Goong
Thai green curry with prawns in coconut milk, bamboo shoot, and sweet basil leaves
Muh Tod Kratiem Prig Thai
SStir fried pork fillet marinated in garlic, pepper and coriander sauce

Gai Ta Kite
Slices of succulent chicken breast sautéed in a medley of Thai herbs and chilli
Pad Pak Himmaphan
Assorted seasonal vegetables stir-fried with cashew nuts and oyster sauce

Steam Jasmine Rice
Coffee or Jasmine Tea
The price for the whole meal £ 26.00 per person.

(Minimum for 2 person)

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Cuisine : Thai Authentic
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Tue-Sun 6.30pm-11pm. All major credit cards accepted.